Homeowner Protection

Because being well protected is capital!

The Homeowner protection is offered free of charge to homeowners who are under brokerage contract with a participating Via Capitale broker to sell their home. It protects the seller who, after having accepted a promise to purchase whose conditions have been met, is faced with a situation where the signature of the deed of sale is postponed or jeopardized by the buyer’s decision to withdraw from the deal, by his/her death or incapacity. In such cases, the seller can get reimbursed for certain expenses incurred directly by the withdrawal or delay in signing the deed of sale.

Your coverage

Maximum coverage is set at $25,000. It takes effect on the 15th day after the date scheduled for the signature of the deed of sale and applies for 180 days or up to the property’s resale date, whichever comes first. The Homeowner Protection will reimburse the seller the expenses listed in the “Confirmation of Eligibility,” including reasonable living expenses. Furthermore, the protection can cover a price difference between the promise to purchase, which is the object of the refusal or withdrawal, and a subsequent sale transaction.

To Qualify*

  • The natural person, owner of an eligible property, including successions and curatorships, must be represented by a Via Capitale broker participating in the Homeowner Protection Plan on the date of the brokerage contract and whose said contract is still valid.
  • Property with a maximum of 4 units, at least one of which is occupied by the owner, used strictly for residential purposes, suitable for year-round occupancy, subject to a promise to purchase of more than $75,000.

* New building, buildings that are part of a judicial sale, repossessions, as well as buildings that are vacant for more than 90 days are excluded.

Legal Assistance

All clients eligible for the Homebuyer Protection benefit from the Legal Assistance program.

What is it?

A free telephone service that offers legal information from a lawyer on several areas of law, including housing, family, work, estate, hidden defects, consumer protection, contracts, bankruptcy, etc.

Unlimited consultations

The number of consultations is unlimited between 9 AM and 6 PM from Monday to Friday.
The service is available to the seller for a period of 12 months from the date the conditions outlined in a promise to purchase are met.

* Certain conditions apply.

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You accepted a promise to purchase on your property for $300,000. Following the buyer’s death, his heirs are not interested in acquiring the property. You therefore put your property up for sale again and, after numerous negotiations, you receive an offer for $290,000. Via Capitale may grant you $10,000 for the difference in the selling price. Certain conditions apply.